Wedding Door Gift

Wedding Door gift is a new trend for teenagers now. On the day of the wedding ceremony, the new bride will give door gifts to invited guests. Door gifts given include candy box, mint tin, key chain, chopstick, fragrant soap roses design, glass coaster and etc… Currently, there are many shops selling wedding gifts. Some are sold online, while some are sold in their shops. … Continue reading Wedding Door Gift

Cenderahati Perkahwinan

Cenderahati Perkahwinan merupakan satu trend baru bagi remaja sekarang. Pada hari majlis perkahwinan, pengantin baru akan memberi hadiah kepada tetamu jemputan. Hadiah-hadiah yang diberi adalah seperti kotak gula-gula, kotak logam mint tin, key chain, chopstick, sabun wangi bentuk bunga ros, alas cawan dan lain-lain lagi. Kini, terdapat banyak kedai yang menjual cenderahati perkahwinan. Ada yang menjual secara online, manakala ada yang menjual secara membuka kedai. … Continue reading Cenderahati Perkahwinan

DIY Your Own Wedding Doorgift

For the new bride who wants something personal, unique and cheap they can choose to DIY by adding decorative gift or accessory on their wedding gift.. Although this will take a long time, but this DIY process will give maximum satisfaction to them. Whether a new partner to work together to complete the gift or with the help of family members or close friends, this … Continue reading DIY Your Own Wedding Doorgift

Is this the world’s biggest wedding gown?

An 800lb bride-to-be has her NINE-foot-waist measured ahead of big day For some, having a wedding dress custom-made is a luxury, but for Susanne Eman it is the only way she will be sure her gown fits. The morbidly obese Arizona mother who is hoping to set a world record for being the fattest human, is busy planning her wedding to chef, Parker Clack, and … Continue reading Is this the world’s biggest wedding gown?