DIY Your Own Wedding Doorgift

For the new bride who wants something personal, unique and cheap they can choose to DIY by adding decorative gift or accessory on their wedding gift..

Although this will take a long time, but this DIY process will give maximum satisfaction to them. Whether a new partner to work together to complete the gift or with the help of family members or close friends, this is sure will strengthen the bond between them. When personal and unique gift that has been completed, all involved in the process will feel satisfied and happy. This will also leave lasting memories for them.

Benefits and advantages of DIY is the new bride with imagination and creativity of their own, they would make gifts of their own. The design and decoration is of their own ideas. Although rather eat time and energy, but there is no doubt that it will be more cost savings.

Here, I’ll show an example of wedding gifts that can be made by the new bride.

a) Empty Round Candy Box

Newlyweds can choose any colour round candy box required. Colour selection box should match the theme of their marriage.

Click here for more information on empty round candy box.

b) Selection of Satin Ribbon

There are various types of satin ribbon colour. Here, the matching colour box with a colour ribbon do. Choices based on their preferences.

Click here for more information on Satin Ribbon

c) Selection of Buckles (Buckles Diamanted)

Newlyweds can choose heart-shaped or oval-shaped Buckles. Usually we will encourage new couple to select mixed-shape buckles.



d) Selection of Name Tags

New couple can choose a preferred pattern. There are four types of name tag for selection;  round, heart shaped, flower-shaped and name tag with their own picture. Information such as the new bride’s name, date and place of marriage can be printed on the tag name.

Click here for more information on the tag name.

e) The selection of organza wrapper

The new bride wedding gift can be wrapped with a bandage bow. Candy box wrapped round will be more beautiful, graceful and elegant.

Click here for more information about organza wrapper.

After all the above materials have been selected, the distinctive design shall be started. Picture below shows an example of wedding gifts DIY produced.

P/S:  You may fill the empty round candy box with some colourful shreds before placing your candy or chocolate inside.


Click here for more information about shredded papers

Sweets, chocolate or cake can be filled in and presented to all guests. If you feel lazy or running out of time as the wedding is near, do not worry. We are here willing to help.

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