Wedding Door Gift

I just got a booking for wedding door gift from Ms. Winnie from Singapore. Although the date of her wedding reception is scheduled in March 2013, but Winnie has plan ahead to choose wedding favors  since last June. After making a survey and browse my website and my facebook, Winnie had decided to buy a sample from me.

Since June, Winnie has bought three sets of sample from me. Among them are

1) Scented Rose  Soap 3 in 1

Scented rose soap is packaged in a heart shaped box and decorated with organza ribbon. Colors  available are Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Pink, Yellow and Green. According to Winnie, the main reason she bought this sample because she wanted to smell the fragrant soap. Winnie worry, the smell of the soap may not be matching to the fragrant used in her wedding reception. Scented rose soap 3 in 1 is only sold in the same color. But after getting requests from Winnie, I have three types of color mixing for her.


2) Scented Rose Soap in Wedding Mint Tin

After receiving the above sample,  Winnie said the heart shaped box for filling up the scented rose soap is not so elegant. This is because the wedding to be held in 5 star hotel, so she has asked me to take out the soap and put it in the wedding mint tin. Sample was sent to her again by using registered post.

door gift kahwin


3) Scented Rose Soap In Round Candy Box

Upon receipt of the second sample, Winnie who the pursuit of perfection has asked me to insert soap roses in a round candy box. This time, I suggested that the only picture taken for her reference to avoid wasting money to buy a sample.


After making a review of samples and photographs received, discussion was made between Winnie and her fiance and finally they have decided to buy a wedding door gift exactly they like and fit with their wedding theme.

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