Wedding Door Gift

Wedding Door gift is a new trend for teenagers now. On the day of the wedding ceremony, the new bride will give door gifts to invited guests. Door gifts given include candy box, mint tin, key chain, chopstick, fragrant soap roses design, glass coaster and etc…

Currently, there are many shops selling wedding gifts. Some are sold online, while some are sold in their shops. However, as consumers, we just want to know about price and quality door gifts that are sold.

We, mylovelywedding are one of the wedding gift suppliers and wholesalers that operate using the Internet. Our principle is “top priority on quality & buyer satisfaction come first.” Each unit of goods to be delivered to the buyer, we will examine in detail the quality. If the door gift has even a little of defects, we would not send the goods to the buyer.

We are more concerned about quality as we are also a consumer; understand the importance of the quality of goods. Just imagine, what are your feelings if you pay money for an item, but the quality of the goods that you have received is far worse than you have expected?

In conclusion, there are many wedding gift suppliers and wholesalers in the market at this moment. The rates offered by all suppliers and wholesalers do not have any significant difference. That sets us apart, mylovelywedding with other suppliers and wholesalers are that we are more concerned about the quality of our wedding door gifts sold. You surely will satisfy with our service and quality offered.


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