Wedding Stickers

Wedding Stickers – could wedding stickers be one of the ways that helps make your special day unique and help your guests remember your wedding day for years to come?

As weddings become more and more elaborate it is becomingly increasingly difficult to make your event stand out from the crowd. What is sometimes overlooked in the clamour to be different is that it is not only the big things that can make a difference but often times it is the details that single out one wedding from the rest.

One great touch is to personalise items used at the wedding, either for the wedding overall or even possibly for each individual guest. This personalisation can be done in many ways, perhaps through specifically printed materials, hand written items etc. But perhaps a more cost effective and flexible way to do this is through the use of stickers.

So you may well ask – what are wedding stickers? Put simply they are nothing more than stickers that you use to accessorise your wedding and make it a little more personal. They are usually made from vinyl, small in size and have a message of your choice on them. They can be used in a range of ways including:

  • Shoes – you can brighten up and personalise the shoes of the wedding party by adding stickers to them (it is very popular for the bride to have a motif such as “I Do” across the soles of her wedding shoes)
  • Favors – a great way to ensure that everyone remembers which wedding they got their favors at is to pop a sticker on it so in years to come there is always something to remind your guest.
  • Invitations – put a sticker in your invitation and make people can use them to put in diaries etc. This will help to make sure they do not forget and also make your wedding day stand out in their diaries.
  • Envelopes – a simple sticker on the envelope of your invitation will immediately identify and set apart your letter as it pops through the letterbox

Obviously there are many more ways that they can be used and the above list are only a few examples (they can be a great way to keep the kids entertained for a little bit)

As we can see Wedding Stickers can provide a flexible, cost effective and fun way to add a little bit of extra sparkle to your special day.

Article Source:

Various Types and Designs of Sticker Favor Tags

Minimum Order : 1000pcs

Sizes for Different Shapes:

Round: Diameter 4.5cm
Rectangle: 4.5cm x 5cm
Oval: 5.5cm x 5cm
Flower Shape: 6cm x 5cm

Sticker-01 ( Four Colours)


Sticker-02 (3 colours)


Sticker-03 (2 colours)



One Colour – RM250 for 1000pcs

Two Colours – RM290 for 1000 pcs

Three Colours – RM320 for 1000 pcs

Four Colours – RM360 RM320 for 1000 pcs

If you have your own design, kindly provide us in AI, PDF or corel draw file.

Stickers will be in perfect view if printed with at least 4 colours. We have limited time offer for those interested to have a 4 colour stickers.

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