Yoga Basics

The word Yoga came from a Sanskrit word yuj which means to join or to unite. Yoga was believed to be practiced more than 5000 years ago and the people who practices Yoga back then were called yogis. Origins of Yoga were believed to be from India. The goal of practicing Yoga is to achieve a happy and balanced life, in other words; to achieve ultimate freedom.

Yoga works by achieving certain postures on specified parts of your body, combined with breathing techniques to integrate mind, body and soul.

Types of Yoga

Yoga have evolved over the years and there are many types of Yoga which people can learn. Some of the more popular types are:

  • Asana Yoga – Asana, is a Sanskrit word which means posture. Simply means, practicing Yoga with the objective of mastering or achieving a certain body posture or body postioning.
  • Hartha Yoga – One of the most popular type of Yoga. This is suitable for beginners as its gentle, combined with slow and smooth movements. Hartha Yoga is a good way to stretch and work your muscles, apart from relaxing your mind.
  • Iyengar Yoga – Very similar to Hartha Yoga, but focuses more towards body alignment and balance, plus holding poses for a longer period.
  • Bikram Yoga – This type of Yoga is practiced in a warm room, usually 105 degrees Fahrenheit and the objective is to loosen your muscles and to sweat to cleanse the body. This is believed to clean off one’s body of toxic and disease.
  • Kundalini Yoga – This type of Yoga focuses more on rapid movements through poses and emphasizes on breathing, meditation and chanting.
  • Ashthanga Yoga – Also known as power Yoga. Its a form of aggressive Yoga where you move quickly from one pose to another, practically to build up strength and endurance. This type of Yoga is very challenging, when practiced properly.

Who can practice Yoga?

Basically, anyone can practice Yoga. From kids to senior citizens, there are many types of Yoga which is suitable for different age groups and needs.   There are many Yoga centers available and I bet there is one nearby your place. Yoga centers are better for beginners to kick start this activity as certified trainers can guide and advice on the proper postures.

Why learn Yoga?

One of the most popular question is “why should I learn Yoga?”

Well, for a start, Yoga benefits a person by improving body postures, flexibility and calming your mind and soul. Other benefits includes lowering blood pressure, improving one’s mood, and building up body strength. There have also been reports on known cases where Yoga helps to reduce knee and joint pains.

What do I need to start Yoga?

Yoga Mats – One of the most basic equipment needed to practice Yoga safely and comfortably. If you don’t have a mat, you can get it here  at our online store. It is advisable to get a thicker mat, with 1/4 inch thickness to have better cushioning and protection.

Clothing – It would be more comfortable to wear stretchable pants and shirts as Yoga involves a lot of body stretching movements. Click for more information about yoga pants.

Yoga Towels – Get yourself a tower as Yoga can make your whole body sweat. You can get it here at our online store.


Yoga Mat Bags – Pamper and take good care of your Yoga Mats with our range of 100% cotton Yoga Mat bags. Imagine easy handling when storing or retrieving your mats. More details kindly visit here.

Yoga Mat Bag

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