8 tips to help you cater for the masses

Wedding catering - food and wine

Firstly, do yourself a favour and do not Self-Cater!

Although some couples opt to self-cater their wedding for economical reasons, what you’ll save money-wise you’ll lose time-wise, as you will not have the freedom to relax and enjoy your day.

You want to let your hair down, not tear your hair out worrying about the logistics of the food and wine. Not when there are expert services like Diamond Blue Catering around who will provide out-of-this-world meals at down-to-earth prices.

  • offer a basic drinks package

The drinks should flow at a wedding but you don’t want to end up with a dribbling mess of drunks at the end of the wedding reception. Avoid this by supplying your guests with a basic drinks package of water, soft drinks, wine and beer.

  • consider the dietary restrictions of your guests

Ensure that your menu is sensitive to various cultural and religious food restrictions of your guests and ensure that vegetarians, allergy sufferers, children and those watching their weight are catered for.

  • themes are fun

If you are having a themed wedding, make sure that you co-ordinate your food accordingly. After all, what would a medieval wedding be without a banquet of roasted meats, hunks of bread and pints of ale? Why not have an exciting ethnic buffet at your reception? Flying Woks Caterers will cook up a storm in their massive iron woks and provide an oriental feast for your eyes as well as your stomach.

  • easy-to-eat finger food

If you are having a cocktail reception with finger food, ensure that it comes in bite-sized portions. Nobody wants to get messy or look inelegant when they are eating.

  • use quality produce

Some caterers cut costs by compromising on the quality of their ingredients. Make sure the produce, especially seafood, is fresh and not frozen or canned. .

  • check the tableware of the caterer

Always view the tableware, glassware and silverware to ensure that it matches the style of your wedding. There’s no point in featuring the caterer’s fine Wedgwood collection if you are having a contemporary event.

  • sample the menu

Reputable caterers will organise a tasting for prospective clients. This should give you a good indication of the quality and presentation of the food.


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