Nine Tips Perfect Marriage

The Perfect Marriage

1. Provide sufficient time to plan your wedding

The more time available the better, so you have enough energy solve unexpected problems. The best time about three months.

2. Choose a place that is familiar with your guests
A wedding should be a good time for you and your guests. Make sure the location is easily accessible. Consider also if you hold an outdoor party, plan rather than in the rainy season.

3. Prepare your Bridesmaid & Groomsmen
Do not assume everyone knows what they should do at the time of marriage. It seems trivial, but some people there who have never been involved before the wedding. Talk to them, so that everyone knows what to expect, if you’re not sure, read the etiquettebooks.

4. Make sure the flowers bloom on your wedding, not two nights before or three days afterwards.
Flowers can be the most expensive part of a marriage, but also the most romantic,fragrant, and beautiful way to build a charming atmosphere. Talk with your florist that the circuit and the bouquet and the flowers would not wilt blooms.

5. Eat just enough on your wedding day
It sounds trivial, but often the bride is very excited, so they do not or can not eat. Everyone involved needs to eat, though few. If you are a lot of standing for a long time on an empty stomach, chances are you passed out!

6. Make sure the rug (runner) would you skip the attached flat & neat
Most are not. Usually the carpet (runner) is removed from the roll and placed before the ceremony. Convince mounted flat especially when mounted on top of another carpet.

7. Consider your guests indulgence and abstinence
If you plan a menu, consider what people can and can not eat. There should be an alternative menu so there are options for people who have allergies, dietary rules, religion, or other personal reasons.

8. Choose songs that can be enjoyed by all people
The biggest motivator is the music, and in choosing the songs played in your reception make sure the music for all ages. Thus you create an atmosphere that builds energy.

9. Enjoy your wedding
This is the advice of the most devastating.
A marriage is a declaration to the public about the most personal feelings. This is the presentation you both as a couple in the world.

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