Personal Touches

What bride doesn’t want those personal touches in her wedding? From vows to guest involvement, there are endless ways to let your personality shine through. Stamp your wedding with your own style and make sure it represents your union.

Are Macarons your favorite dessert? Do you and your future hubby have a special dish that is a favorite? Or even more personal, would you like to involve your dear friend by having her do a reading of your favorite poem? There is nothing that cannot be created!

Try to incorporate your hobbies, interests and quirks into the day. If you love old Hollywood, incorporate this into your theme. It really is all in the detail; your guests will notice the extra effort and time you put into making your day unique. It is not about the money you spend, it is how you spend your energy and the way your guests feel at the end of the evening.

Here are some ways to incorporate your personality into the small details at your wedding and make your big day the opposite of cookie cutter:

Postage Stamps– Yes, even a tiny detail such as purchasing wedding-themed postage stamps goes a long way. Use them for all your pre- and post-event correspondence. It shows the special touches even before the big day begins!

Invites– This is the kickoff to your wedding that your guests will experience! What is your favorite color? Incorporate some personal touches into the design and color palette. You can also add in a distinctive font and wording to spice things up! A past couple of mine even brought their proposal story into their invites — it was perfect.

Seating Cards– A couple whose wedding I planned last year had met on a plane. Their seating cards looked exactly like a plane ticket and featured the seat numbers that the groom and bride sat in when they met. This allowed their guests to experience intimate details of their relationship.

Monograms– One couple whose wedding I planned had the same initials, so they created a custom monogram and included it everywhere from the aisle runner to the candle display outside of the tent. It was not only personal but it represented the commitment between the new couple.

Photo collage– Having photos of you and your friends or you and your fiancé as a couple at the wedding allows you to bring your past into the day that marks your future. Guests love to see old photos and it’s a great way for them to see all the memories that you have experienced together as a couple. It’s a simple yet powerful way to allow your guests to be a part of your memories and your special day.

Personalized Wedding Favors– Depending on the wedding’s theme, think of small items that can be personalized and used as guest favors. An idea that I love is a personalized CD with all of the special songs that you and your fiancé love. Every time your guests click play, they will sing along to your favorites. I also like wedding favors that guests can enjoy — wine from your favorite vineyard with personalized labels, sweet treats with a note — all of these items are exquisite and delicious, and unique to you and your wedding.

Guest Book– My favorite kind of guest book is the kind that will be with you every day. Instead of your guests signing their name and well wishes on a piece of paper, why not have guests sign their messages on a personalized item. I especially love when the item can be displayed in the couple’s home so they are reminded each day of their wedding. Are you a music lover? Why not have your guests sign an older musical instrument of yours? Do you surf? One of my grooms was obsessed with surfing. His bride surprised him with a custom made Robert August surfboard and had all of their guests sign it. It was a keepsake that he would have forever and is hanging in their family room now. Fun!!

While there are many elements that can make a wedding grand, guests appreciate the beauty in these smaller details. These are the details that help create the warmth and love in the room. To accomplish this, the most important thing is to stay true to your personality. If you do, it will show. And always remember to follow your heart by doing what you love!


Written By: Sharon Sacks

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