Yoga Mat Bags (As Low As RM29.90)

Pamper and take good care of your Yoga Mats with our range of custom made Yoga Mat bags. We sourced and use good quality cotton fabrics to produce these bags. These bags are custom designed to be user friendly and practical. Imagine easy handling when keeping or retrieving your mats. It’s definitely possible with the full length zippers on these bags.

Best of all? Cotton bags are Eco-Friendly as well.

Dark Blue-White with front zipper pocket

Rice Brown with side zipper pocket

Dark Blue-White with side zipper pocket

Dark Red-White with side zipper pocket

Material : Cotton Fabric
4cm wide shoulder strap
Adjustable shoulder strap
Opens with full front zip for easy access and handling
Outer side/front pockets for keeping personal belongings such as keys, phones or wallets
Diameter: 15cm
Length: 68cm
Washable and lightweight

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